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Structural Engineering Design

Structural Engineering Design

David Engineers Ltd. speciatlizes in Structural Engineering Design services and is responsible for the design of buildings’ structure according to building permits.
The Structural Engineering Design of the building complies with the Architectural design and is coordinated with all the rest of the building systems.
Our goal is to achieve the maximal stability and functionality of the designed building, preserving the local and international building standards, to make sure the safety and comfort of all persons using the building will be of first class and not compromised.
David Engineers Ltd expertise is of Structural Engineering Design of:
– Civil Engineering Infrastructures
– Sky Scrapers and Multi-Story Buildings
– Commercial Centers and Malls
– Infrastructure Buildings
– Underground Train Constructions
– Hospitals and Medical Institutions
– Homes for the Elderly and Disabled
– Prefabricated and Industrialized Constructions
– Strategic Buildings
– Industrial Buildings
– Residential Buildings and Complexes
– Office Buildings and Complexes
– Official and Public Buildings
– Hotels

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